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Spring 2019 Town Hall

The Danforth Staff Council held its Spring Town Hall event on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 from 2 to 4 pm at the Edison Theatre, Mallinckrodt Center.


  • Jessica Kuchta-Miller, Staff, Post-doc and Graduate Student Ombudsperson
  • Ombuds Update
  • Legail P. Chandler, Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
  • Update on leave policy changes and ongoing performance management review
  • Henry S. Webber, Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Administrative Officer
  • MyDay update, East End update and preview
  • Nicole C. Hudson, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Diversity & Inclusion Academy
  • Update on D&I Academy structure, approach and initial deliverables
  • Andrew D. Martin, Chancellor-elect
  • Pre-Strategic Planning Initiative and Q&A with Chancellor-elect
  • A link to the Norms memo referenced by the Chancellor-elect can be found here.